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News archive (2002)

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.6

  • Disable/Enable editor commands width password (options menu)
  • Button "Clear" in Find/Filter form is added
  • New command line option /GOLASTRECORD: auto open last file and show last record in Record View mode
  • Save high range in Find/Filter form

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.55

  • Search/Filter in range for all numeric fields (Screenshot)

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.5

  • Support long characters fields (up to 64K)
  • Auto open in share mode if file already shared
  • Convertor OEM/ANSI
  • Format command: Upper, Lower, Capitalize
  • Support command line parameter /SHARED (ex: dbview.exe sample.dbf /SHARED )
  • Fixed replace command

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.45

  • Using expressions in Find/Filter dialog: >, >=, <, <= Example: >=100 (For Number, Float, Integer, Currency, Double fields)
  • Print DBF structure (Fields Info dialog)
  • Show last mod time in status bar

What's New in v1.3

  • Search/Filter in range for date fields
  • Recent files history
  • Show progress bar for Set Filter command

What's New in v1.27

  • Work with multiple files
  • Use double-click for activate memo editor
  • Run in read only mode /RO

What's New in v1.24

  • Support Memo fields
  • Refresh command

What's New in v1.22

  • Set Filter for records
  • Use Filter/Sort order for exports
  • Share mode (default: exclusive)
  • Fix bug in QuickView mode

What's New in v1.2

  • Modify structure of databases
  • Support Visual Dbase 7 files
  • Save structure as DBF file
  • Save structure as PRG(Clipper, Foxpro) file
  • New options in Export to dialog: Open after process done

2002 | 2009-2017

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