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News archive (2003)

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.89

  • Find/Filter in memo fields
  • Save width for columns after exit
  • New parameters in the Find/Filter form:
    empty() - find records with empty fields ! find with not equal value
    for example: !Peter records with field not equal Peter !empty() records with not empty field.
  • New parameter in the command line: /APPEND
    For example: dbview.exe /APPEND:file1.dbf,file2.dbf The command append records from file2.dbf to file1.dbf

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.87

  • Improved advanced sorting dialog
  • Export to SQL files

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.85

  • Export to XLS files
  • Export to CSV files
  • Open URL command in context menu

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.81

  • Supports Visual Foxpro 8 files
  • Improved memo editor
  • Save path and type for Save As command
  • Localization for spanish language

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.8

  • Advanced Sorting command
  • Improved sorting speed
  • Support multiple selection in open dialog

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.73

  • Delete duplicate records command
  • Support for old DateTime format
  • "Unselect All" button in Fields Info dialog
  • ommand line options /OEM and /ANSI - use OEM or ANSI characters
  • Localization for italian language

What's New in DBFViewer 2000 v1.72

  • Sort order command: save records order after sorting
  • Improved Fill command new fill method: record number+constant
  • Localization for german language

What's New in DBF Viewer 2000 v1.7

  • Print Statistics
  • Export to XML
  • Select/Unselect records
  • View only selected records
  • Duplicate command
  • Truncate command

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