DBF Viewer 2000® Featured Reviews 2023

Great product! Exactly what I needed. -

Teddy Arvin Concha

I've used DBF Viewer since 2003 and find it useful for loading large csv or dbf databases faster than other tools I've tried. The search, filter and sort functions allow fast subsetting and organization of data that make my work more efficient. I use DBF Viewer 2000 for archiving large databases for easy retrieval. A double click on any dbf file immediately opens the table for queries. -

Martin Trobec, Alberta

Great software package and extremely fast, it has definitely made my transition to Windows 10 a lot less painful. I especially like the commandline functions that allows me to automate some of the basic functions I do such as sorting and transferring data back and forth between different typesof file formats without needing to do it manually each time. Setting upthose command lines in a job stream or BAT files saves me a lot of time. I used to program in Dbase IV and Clipper, the command line functions is very similar and uses fewer lines of code to perform the same function. I would definitely recommend this package. -

Mike Brown, Florida

I find the DBF Viewer 2000 to be a great fit in that it offers a straightforward way to view and work with DBF files and the functionality I need to keep my workflow efficient. -

Ed Davis, AbaData

DBF Viewer has been a great time saver to modify and sort an application's database after Microsoft Access removed support for dBase formats. Support has been awesome through the years providing command-line options upon request for some of the options available in the GUI. Keep up the great work! -

Jerry Jordan

We have used DBF Viewer 2000 for many years to full satisfaction. It is a very flexible, very fast and very reliable tool for manipulating all variants of .DBF format files. Over the years we saw and tried many other tools for this purpose, but DBF Viewer always came out as best. -

Jan Groenestein, Groenestein Beheersoftware

I use DBF Viewer 2000 since 2002 and it is a good and friendly soft, easy to use and always efficient. Support answers to my questions are very fast. And in addition it works in french ! -

Yves Emsellem

I have been using the program for at least 3 years now and have nothing to complain about except it's a very useful program for me to extract data from the Loan Base program that we are using for many reports that Loan Base doesn't offer. -

Quang Nguyen,Community HousingWorks

As a History researcher I've been using DBF Viewer to catalog book references used in my daily work. With its help it is very easy to find hundreds of quotations, sources, etc. Probably an unusual task for the application but through its intuitive interface an invaluable tool in my profession. I would like to congratulate all the staff at HiBase Group for this wonderful job. -

Patrícia Rodrigues

DBF-Viewer 2000 does exactly what i need. The price is ok for this wonderfull tool. I save a lot of time by using it. -

Ralf Günther

Great Product with Excellent Support
DBF Viewer was the perfect match for my needs. I was able to scripts everything and save myself a ton of time. The support I have received is the best. They were responsive and went out of their way to give me everything I requested. DBF Viewer was worth every cent I paid for it. Would do it again. -

Phillp Collins

I've been working with dbf files since the early 80s. The OS was CPM,PCs didn't exist yet. A decade later I migrated to Unix and brought my dbf files to the new environment. Although there are fine viewers (Itested practically all of them) in this OS none compares with DBF Viewer 2000 which I run under Wine, a kind of emulator. -

Clever Pereira

Thank you for the helpful support. Really enjoy the functionality of this software -

Stacy,Made to Measure

Excellent product allows viewing and searching DBF files. Intuitive interface and flawless operation. I need to view files created by others and extract information. DBF Viewer is perfect for my purpose. Small footprint and fast operation. I have used DBF Viewer for about four years. Updates are free. It allows me to view, restructure, and search DBF files with ease. Recommend it highly. -

Bill Craig

Excellent product & outstanding support
I downloaded this to solve a fox pro issue, I was very impressed and purchased. I now use it on a daily basis to convert data from foxpro to SQL. Nothing else I have looked at came close and there is excellent tech support. -

Paul Hayman

I bought DBF Viewer several years to help me maintain a DOS-based system that stores data in DBF format. Until I found DBF Viewer, technical support took hours. The combination of the old DBU program and Excel was tedious and error-prone. With DBF Viewer technical support is a breeze. And, as the years have rolled by I have been very pleased with the service and support from the DBF Viewer team. They regularly update the software. I'm not a programmer so I don't use all of the new features, but it is very nice to know that the DBF Viewer team are continually moving the product forward. With DBF Viewer I bought a solution, not just a product. -

Noel Ferguson

I appreciate your helpfulness and especially your DBF Viewer. It is a real treat to have that in my software "toolbox" to use for opening .DBF files. But when a DBF needs to be opened, you're software always does the job. I see that even Excel from the 2007 version forward no longer can open or write a DBF file. -

Jim Martin

Great product. Extremely quick and easy to use!
It is able to handle large databases (250Mb) very quickly. Filtering data is simple and intuitive. I have not found anything to dislike about this product yet. -

Brent, download.com

DBF Viewer 2000 allows you to use the stability and programming flexibility of dBASE with the user friendliness that dBASE lacks. The interface is intuitive and easy to learn and has a host of great features. Any e-mails sent to the publisher were responded to very quickly. Our database problems are solved.

I've been using DBF viewer 2000 for 2 years. As a programmer, the added functionality it gives me to navigate and manipulate DBF files is invaluable. I've had to contact the support team twice to request improvements and they delivered them in a very timely manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this software.

DBF Viewer 2000 goes beyond what I expected from such an affordable price. Matter of fact, the company, and the people behind DBF Viewer have gone way beyond the norm of service and response. I started using this program to view dbf files I created with MS Access. Soon I discovered I could make changes to files with DBF Viewer. I could also get very rapid reports on not only the field size I had set in the dbase file, but also the true size of the field by min and max character reports. This helped me immensely when trying to shrink down files of over 50,000 records. The fact that I could quickly run filters, and save new files based on filters was a real bonus. Not only that, the deletion and removal of unwanted records is very fast! DBF Viewer is extremely fast in handling large databases that otherwise take up time and memory with MS Access. The real kicker is what the people behind the scene did when I sent them some tips. I asked them for a number of new features including an automatic field sizer based on max character contents. They sent me an email saying to stay tuned for a newer version. Within a week, there it was, everything I asked for. And then! . . . the same day I tried out the new version, I sent an email asking if they could add a trim function to remove leading spaces in some columns. Guess what? Next morning they sent me a link to an updated version to give me the feature. Incredible considering I deal with many other software suppliers that I use to process large databases. And all of them cost 10 times more than DBF Viewer and I struggle with most of them to get support. The software, and the service behind it, have saved me a lot of work in the past months. I never thought I would see something that made Access look so slow. Access has it's place, but DBF Viewer has really made my work much easier and faster. Good job DBF Viewer gang . . . Really appreciate it . . . -

Peter, download.com