11 August, 2021

DBF Viewer 2000 v7.49: A Must-Have Multi-Tool for DBF Database Administrators

DBF Viewer 2000 version 7.49 by HiBase Group enhances its DBF automated processing capabilities while remaining one of the fastest professional tools on the market.

While the DBF format is almost 40 years old now, it is still widely used in many legacy systems as a primary way to store data. And there is still a need to manage and administer DBF files. With reducing popularity of DBF, the range of tools able to edit, create or merge DBF files is shrinking, but one leader remains as stable as ever – DBF Viewer 2000.

DBF Viewer 2000 encapsulates literally everything a database administrator may need in his or her work. The software can do any kind of modifications to DBF files such as adding or deleting fields and data, making modifications to contents of a database, adjusting the structure of the file, or exporting data to another format. The entire range of functions is packed into a minimalistic classic-style interface many IT professionals are very accustomed to. Plus, the top-notch performance of DBF Viewer 2000 allows it effectively deal with larger DBF files, even those exceeding 4 GB. No surprise, database admins name DBF Viewer 2000 the primary application in their toolboxes.

he latest version of DBF Viewer 2000, ver. 7.49 introduces improved automation via the new command line parameters. Users can now use the command line to perform operations over a range of database fields, instead of using multiple individual commands to process those fields one by one. The application can also work with multiple DBF files, also through command line execution. And the update fixes a number of rare issues pestering some users who tried to run the “Replace” command under specific circumstances.

Pricing and Availability

DBF Viewer 2000 works on all Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP, both 32- and 64-bit editions. The price starts from 49.95 USD for a Personal License. Every customer is entitled to free updates and upgrades in the future. Further information, as well as the program’s free evaluation version, is available at the product page.

Download link: https://www.dbf2002.com/dbfview.msi


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